Wellbeing & Enrichment

Some schools bring groups for enrichment and wellbeing: students joining a 6th form, or students struggling at school for any reason. For these groups we spend time slowly exploring the Woods, facilitating a sense of awe and wonder and nature connection, which research shows has hugely beneficial effects on mental and physical wellbeing. We make use of ID apps as appropriate, and encourage a calm engagement through art and writing. We can also end the day with a campfire and marshmallows at the Chalet.

We like to ensure that all students who come to Wytham also get the maximum wellbeing benefit from their time in the Woods. If you are coming for fieldwork we like to design your day with you, so that we can include a guided walk through some of the less frequented areas of the woods, and perhaps a useful but mindful activity such as field drawing or reflective nature writing.