Leaving a gift in your Will

Why gifts in wills are important

Gifts in wills have helped to preserve collections, build a team of world-leading professionals, engage with communities and transform our spaces. Because of legacy gifts, we are able to keep providing an important service for local people as well as visitors. 

Discussing your plans

If you are considering leaving a gift to the Wytham Woods in your will, please contact either Nigel Fisher, Conservator of Wytham Woods or Spencer Wisdom / Caroline Reynolds in the legacies Team who will be pleased to have an informal chat with you.

We are also happy to provide any guidance you may need and the wording to share with your solicitor or family members.

A will is very personal, and we quite understand if you prefer to keep your intentions private. However, if you do wish to let us know about a gift in your will to the Wytham Woods, we will be delighted to thank you personally and invite you to events of interest.

If you would like some guidance on leaving a gift in your will, please download the PDF.

Contact details

To discuss your plans or simply to let us know you are intending on leaving a gift, please contact:

Nigel Fisher, Conservator of Wytham Woods
Email: nigel.fisher@admin.ox.ac.uk or: wytham.woods@admin.ox.ac.uk 

Caroline Reynolds, Senior Legacies Executive
Email: caroline.reynolds@devoff.ox.ac.uk or: legacies@devoff.ox.ac.uk 
Phone: 01865 611520  

Wytham Woods Legacy Flyer

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