Wytham Woods Management Plan

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This document has been prepared for the Wytham Management Committee and consists of:

  • A statement of where and what Wytham Woods are;
  • An overall ‘vision’ for what the University wants out of the Woods;
  • A short account of the potential management for different areas or types of habitats in the Woods;
  • Short accounts of different issues and opportunities that could usefully be addressed.

The details of the work to be carried out will be covered by the next forestry grant scheme, stewardship agreement etc. We cannot allow for unforeseen events or opportunities: while some may be easily fitted into the existing framework; others might require a complete plan review. There is an element of ‘futureproofing’, but the framework should be revisited on a five-yearly cycle to check it is still appropriate or after any major events/opportunities become apparent 

The management over the next five years will focus on:

  • Necessary safety felling following on from Ash Dieback in particular;
  • A possible second round of ‘haloing’ of old oaks;
  • Possible thinning of oak and beech plantations that lack ash – if ash is present then some self thinning may occur anyway through dieback;
  • Maintaining wide ride management and widening rides in Pasticks;
  • Maintaining grassland grazing;
  • Feasibility of restoring second area of Marley Fen;
  • Replacing the old deer fence around the woodland perimeter.

For more, please see our Management Plan in detail.

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