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Items available on the Wytham Woods Online Shop

A photograph of a stack of guidebooks

Written by Nigel Fisher and Dr Keith Kirby, the guidebook's 80 pages are packed with photographs and information about Wytham Woods, and can be used as a walker's companion. If you've ever wondered what certain areas of Wytham are as you explore them, or about the history of the site, what research is carried out here, or what different equipment and markings are, the guidebook will have answers to many of your questions!

Any profit from the sale of the book goes directly into the Wytham Woods Appeal Fund, which supports conservation and engagement projects at Wytham Woods.

To read a full blurb and to buy a copy of A Guide to Wytham Woods, click here.

Close up image of the spalted beech pens

Spalted beech pens

Elm pens

Elm pens

Elm fobs

Elm fobs









Handmade pens crafted from timber taken from Wytham Woods, with all profits going to the Wytham Woods Appeal Fund.

These beautiful pens are made from four different types of wood; spalted beech, elm, oak and hornbeam. Spalted beech is natural beech wood that has aged over several years, with a certain fungi having grown and spread through the wood cells, creating beautiful patterns throughout the wood.

These unique pens are made locally by hand, as are the fob rings, which will enable you to have a piece of Wytham Woods with you wherever you go!

Prices are inclusive of postage & packing.

Each pen comes with a free pen sleeve in one of the following colours: red, pink, blue, brown or black.

There are a number of variations which makes each pen unique including the grain of the wood, and the colour and shape of the pen's tip, band and clip. Beyond choosing the type of wood it is not possible to offer a choice. However, should you have a strong preference you may email us on and we will do our best to meet it.

Spring Oak

Oak tree in spring

Part of a series of 5 limited edition, high quality art prints of trees in Wytham Woods. This print of the Broad Oak in April 2018 is embossed and signed by the artist, John Blandy. Blandy's artwork charts the progress of trees through time. Working on site in pastel, he responds to the variable light, moods and weather conditions throughout the year. The original artwork for this print was painted in April 2018. For more information about John, visit our Woodland Arts page.


Hornbeam in Winter

This print is of the striking Hornbeam which until recently stood sentinel at the entrance to Wytham Woods, by Gibson's Gate. The original artwork for this print was painted in January 2017.


Beech tree

This print is of the Beech tree standing opposite the Chalet. The original artwork for this print was painted in April 2019.

Summer Ash

Ash tree in Summer

This print is of one of the paintings of the large Ash tree on Rough Common. The spread of Ash dieback within the Woods means that this ash tree will in all likelihood die within the next few years. The original artwork for this print was painted in Summer 2020.


Autumn Ash

Ash tree in Autumn

This print is of one of the paintings of a large Ash tree on Rough Common. The spread of Ash dieback within the Woods means that this Ash tree will in all likelihood die within the next few years. The original artwork for this print was painted in October 2019.

Print specifications:

* Original medium:  Pastel on white paper.  Includes date and time of each artwork as it is completed on site.

* Print medium:  High quality digital print, on high quality art paper.

* Size:  100% of the originals; each image measures approx. 440 x 320 mm.

* The size of each sheet of paper is approx. 540 mm x 425 mm.

* Each print is embossed and individually signed and numbered by the artist.

* Each print is part of a limited edition of up to 100 of each image.


Cost:  £70.00 per print, including postage and packing.

The Woods of Hazel poetry booklets

This anthology of poetry by Sarah Watkinson and Romola Parish is one outcome from the newly-established Writers' Residency at Wytham Woods. This sequence of poems uses the Renga-style writing, a Japanese scholarly poetic form enabling poets with different backgrounds to explore a creative common ground.

"How deeply we humans are connected with, and often tragically distanced from, the natural world is the leitmotif of this enchanting collaboration between a plant scientist and a landscape historian, whose purpose is to celebrate and commemorate Wytham Woods in Oxfordshire, England. Their dialogue-in-poetry explores with precision of thought and image the multifarious ways in which the ecologies of people and woodland are inextricably intertwined and interdependent. This beautiful book succeeds in being truly 'a landscape for legions'." - Lesley Saunders.

Selling for £6.99, your purchase will support outdoor education for young people of all backgrounds, as for each copy sold, £5 will be donated to Hill End Charitable Trust. The price is inclusive of postage and packing costs.

Inside the walking and habitat map

The Walking and Habitats Map is produced by Robin and Rosie of the Wytham Studio. It is a foldable map (in the manner of an OS map), and details the walking paths and various habitats to be found within Wytham.


a section of the pull out map

A limited edition reprint of the 1955 booklet by A.J. Grayson and E.W. Jones of the Imperial Forestry Institute at Oxford, complete with a pull-out map of the Wytham Estate in the 18th century, with annotations from the 19th and 20th centuries. This booklet is an exact copy of the original, re-printed by the same printers using the original plates.

The contents are as follows:

Introduction and pre-Reformation history, The disposal of monastic property and its sequel, The Estate in the eighteenth century, The Estate in the nineteenth century, The field and woodland names, Summary, Notes on the historical maps.

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